About Bond

A Return to Basics – Trust Your Food Source

Allow us to welcome you to a return to culture—where you can shop with a neighborhood market whose ideals and desires for healthy living closely resemble your own. To know us is to understand what we want to bring you—and why

Long ago before express lanes and superstores, there existed simpler times, where grocers sourced their food from their friends and neighbors who were the local farmers and bakers. Corporations and automation quickly replaced the souls of America’s small town businesses, and today, little remains of the authenticity upon which small town grocers originated.

In studying world health and commerce, the Bond brothers quickly recognized what helped people live longer, stronger lives all while enjoying the very process that brought their families this important sustenance. We were mesmerized by the neighborhood markets in Europe—where kitchens are small and most families pick up fresh makings for dinner on their way home each day, and we wanted to bring the rainbow of fresh colors, vibrant aromas, and authentic tastes back to your neighborhood.

An idea was born—an idea that pedaled backward in the face of mass production lines and food warehouses—one that was a bold return to community in the form of fresh neighborhood markets. Today we bring you Bond Organic Market—the most authentic, natural, fresh and organic offerings the heartland of Georgia has to offer await you in your neighborhood store.

We hope you’ll stop in on your way home to select fresh food for dinner—choose whatever entices you and trust that the food you put in your basket is the best available for your family. With Bond Organic Market, we research and verify the quality of our foods to ensure we bring you everything you desire in natural, organic nourishment for your family.

Bond Organic Market provides you with food that has been grown organically and sold in a manner that benefits local food producers and consumers. We’re proud that our little shops have a warm, friendly ambiance where consumers will enjoy picking up produce that has been grown in a sustainable manner and where producers will be proud to market the produce and meat they have worked so hard to grow.

A Return to Nature – Thrive on Organic Foods

We believe that there are a couple of reasons that having a reliable source of organic food is important. First, organic farming is the art of producing food without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

We believe organic meats, dairy products, and produce has a higher nutritional value than non-organically produced food. When the European Union financed a project that studied the nutritional value of organically grown foods, scientists discovered the organic produce contained 50% more antioxidants than the non-organic vegetables.

Eating organic means you won’t be filling your body with toxin found in conventionally grown foods. According to many leading studies, you’ll be less at risk for developing cancer and many degenerative diseases. Best of all, you’ll be doing your part to preserve the environment.

A Return to Community – Find Us in Your Neighborhood

We strongly believe in the power of community. You won’t find a stronger community than the organic community, and Bond Organic Market is very proud to be a part of it.

We work closely with local farmers, ensuring they have everything needed to have one bumper crop of organic produce, meat, and dairy products after another. In the store, we carefully price the food so our farmers make a profit and can continue to farm sustainably, but also price it to enable our neighbors to feed their entire family economically.

We are very proud of our efforts to create an attractive shopping experience that is reminiscent of the European-styled neighborhoods and main streets of yesterday. Please visit our store and let us provide your family with healthier, safer food choices.