Georgia Grown


Bond Organic Market is part of a larger initiative to return to authentic, simple, wholesome, and natural foods. Globally, people now recognize that organic living benefits our bodies and minds. Individually, it feels unrealistic, if not impossible, to vet all of the food your family eats–until now. Bond Organic Market understands the research behind healthy choices. We assess local producers and their practices, building relationships that benefit both them and your family. Bond Organic Market wants to help you put the trust back in your food—and ensuring your food sources is just one way we do that.

We work hard to connect an intricate network of committed growers and bring your family the best organically grown and naturally produced foods. One partnership you can learn more about is our relationship with Georgia Grown, a division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture. The co-op is a group of dedicated producers who’ve built an alliance dedicated to producing organic foods using sustainable practices. Bond Organic Market is an avid supporter of their efforts and proudly features many of its members’ produce, meats, dairy, and dry goods in our stores.