Why Organic


People who choose to eat organically may do so for a multitude of reasons—taste, health, and concern for the environment all top that list. Now that mankind has the tools to effectively extend their lifespans longer than any other generation, many families are taking a hard look at what can help or hurt their chances of living a relatively long, disease-free life and how to leave behind an uncontaminated Earth for their children.

Bond Organic Market believes that a cornerstone to good health and Earth’s sustainability begins with organic practices.

Organic foods are those grown or farmed without the use of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, or genetic modifications. They also contain no or a significantly reduced amount of coloring, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or flavoring, and monosodium glutamate. That lack of additives may account for the reason so many people profess to the authentic flavors they derive from organic foods. Additionally, organic foods often go from farm to table much faster than their preservative-laden counterparts, which can sit in warehouses for months at a time, potentially degrading in nutrients and flavor.

A lot goes into growing organic produce and meat. Science and technology have made shortcuts plentiful, but organic producers and consumers are now asking, “At what cost?” Many believe that answer lies in their health.

Bond Organic Market is pleased that you are interested in trying or sustaining an organic lifestyle. We are here to make organic foods easily accessible to you and your family. Please stop in today and let us know how we can help you learn more about organic choices.