Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: We will bring your family REAL food from farm to fork.

Vision: To grow in neighborhoods across American to offer every family fresh, local, organically grown foods from a trustworthy source, in a pleasant shopping environment.

Values: We believe that people desire healthy, organic foods for life, but they don’t always know where to find trustworthy, reliable sources to feed their family. Bond Organic Market takes the guesswork out of selecting foods for your family. We’ve searched Georgia and its surrounding areas to find providers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability—and who operate with the same transparency we do.

The Bond Promise

Our promise is to be committed to our farmers and consumers for the benefit of healthy eating and sustainable economical growth within the region of these specific store locations. By visiting and forming solid, impactful relationships with our local farmers, our meat, fruit and vegetables and dry goods are the best and most natural goods we can buy. We guarantee our food is real food, with most of it grown right in your state and surrounding region. If the produce you buy from us is not up to your standards, we will refund the entire amount through a voucher or exchange. That’s our promise.