Bond’s Organic Bakery – Breads and Pastries

If you are like most people, breads play a big role in your daily eating habits. From toast at breakfast, sandwiches at lunch, to a loaf at dinner, many families eat bread each day. As something that we feed our families so regularly, it is important to ensure your bread is wholesome and nourishing. That is why Bond Organic Market sources bakery products that are free of chemicals and preservatives.

The great thing about having such a close relationship with the local agriculture community is that we know exactly which producers grow the grains needed to make the tasty baked treats we sell. Since we only use locally grown grains for our baked goods, we’re able to minimize both environmental impact and cost.

Bond Organic Market carries a large assortment in our bakery, including breakfast pastries, bagels, flat bread, yeast rolls, brown breads, ciabatta, and whole wheat grain and white bread.