Dairy Products

Understanding Organic Dairy Products

The biggest difference between organic and conventional dairy products is the way the cattle have been raised. In order to be classified as organic, the cattle that produce the milk used in all of the dairy products Bond Organic Market sells were raised entirely on organic feeds. Additionally, the grain, hay, and silage provided to these cows must be both pesticide-free and not grown in soil that has been treated with chemical fertilizers in the past three years.

Any animal that gets treated with any type of antibiotic must be removed from the organic herd and be sent to a farmer who milks conventional. Milk from that cow will never be considered organic again.

To be certified organic, cattle that produce the milk we sell must receive at least 30% of the dry matter they consumer in the form of grass.

Federal law prohibits us from selling raw milk. Every single organic dairy product we carry has been pasteurized.

We Offer a Wide Selection of Fine Dairy Products

  • Skim and Whole milk
  • Lactose-free milk
  • Fat-free, Low-fat fruit, Greek plain, Greek low-fat, Greek nonfat, and Whole milk yogurts
  • American hard cheeses, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss, Parmesan, and soft cheeses such as Cottage and Ricotta