What Makes Organic Meat and Poultry Different

Our organic farm partners provide a variety of farm-raised and game meats that are all-natural, tender, and delicious. We value our partners because they’ve made a commitment to us and you to raise their livestock organically. These extra steps require a lot of dedication to the livestock, from their living conditions to what goes into their feed. We know you’ll taste a difference and feel good about feeding your family organic meats.

We offer a large variety of meats including:

Grass-fed Beef: T-bone, tenderloin, filet, New York strip, rib eye, flat iron, ground beef, ground chuck, and veal

Free Range Chicken / Poultry: whole chicken, boneless breast, bone-in breast, quarters, wings, thighs, and legs

Game meat such as duck breast, goose breast, and quail breast

Turkey: legs, whole, thighs and breast

Lamb chops, legs, and loin shanks

Pork ribs, chops, various cuts of cured bacon, sausage patty, links, cured ham, prosciutto, and salami

Meat and poultry with an organic label was provided by animals that were never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. The United States Department of Agriculture states that any meat or poultry products that have been labeled as organic cannot have been fed crops grown from genetically modified (GMO) seeds. Farmers must be able to prove that they haven’t used any type of genetically modified crop.  In addition to the animal the meat came from being free of antibiotics, three generations of parents also need to be declared organic.

Every single one of the farmers who produces the organic meat Bond Organic Market sells raise their livestock with respect. They do an amazing job of making sure that every animal they care for remains healthy and is raised in the best possible manner. Our customers can rest assured that each of the livestock producers we work with does a wonderful job raising livestock, which gives the meat and poultry we sell an additional burst of flavor.

All of the farmers we work with adhere to the Organic Food Production Act of 1990.

Why Certified-Organic Meats Are Important for your Family

Advances in technology and chemistry have found their way to most families’ tables, but not in a good way. Pesticides make crops more resilient, hormones make livestock grow larger faster, and chemical additives plump meats and prolong their shelf-life–but at what cost to your family’s health?

We know you found Bond Organic Market because you care about your family’s well-being, so we’d like to share with you exactly what you’ll be getting when you select from Bond’s certifed-organic meats.

The meat we offer you, from lamb, quail, poultry, pork and beef are all carefully sourced from providers who adhere to strict standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in order to certify their meats as organic. That means several things for you. The livestock or game must be raised in a certified organic environment with outdoor access and may only be fed organically, with no bi-products or hormones.

It may seem like a lot of hoops to go through to go back to the old fashioned way of raising livestock, but some shortcuts don’t really help us over the long haul–and when it comes to your well-being, we believe healthy eating is essential to your longevity.