Shop Little and Often


A Special Neighborhood BOND

There is a reason we chose to open our organic market in your local neighborhood versus big-city Atlanta, and that reason is YOU. Bringing an organic market to a community such as ours affords local families many benefits, particularly the ability to shop smaller, fresher, and more often. Why are those advantages to your family?

Purchasing smaller amounts of food in one shopping trip translates to less wasted food in most households because families use the food immediately. If yours is like most families, dinner plans often get sidelined later in the week and some fresh food purchases spoil before they can be eaten. Americans waste approximately 25 percent of their food, totaling in a financial loss of between $1,365 and $2,275 per family of four each year. When you look at the big picture for your family—taking proactive steps to consciously shop smaller could have a huge economical impact in your family’s favor.

As a smaller market, Bond Organic Market has developed strong relationships with local/regional food growers to bring our shoppers a farm-to-table experience. This allows you to purchase your family’s food when it is at its most flavorful, nutrient-dense state. As a small market, we are able to rotate through our stock more quickly and provide you with ripe, juicy, crisp seasonal produce as soon as it is harvested – resulting in fresher selections for you.

Shopping more often allows greater flexibility for your family. Not only can you satisfy food cravings, shopping often results in using what you buy immediately so there is less chance of the food disappearing into the refrigerator drawer, only to be rediscovered on garbage day as unusable. Consider how much money that wasted food translates to when it goes in the trash. It’s a common problem, but one in which we can take control by shopping with intention more often.

We hope you’ll get in the habit of shopping smaller and more often. You’ll find fresh food at a greater long-term savings for your family, and we will have a chance to see you more often! Stop in every few days to see what we’ve got fresh in market for you. Let’s build a lifelong, healthy relationship—together.

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